Washoe Meadows Update

The nine-year battle by the Washoe Meadows Community to halt the downgrade of California’s Washoe Meadows State Park for subsequent golf course development took a dramatic, positive turn on April 2 when Alameda County Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo ordered California State Parks Department and Parks Commission to vacate their January 2012 approval of the golf course project. In his ruling the judge cited deficiencies in the project’s final Environmental Impact Report (EIR).
Led by Lynne Paulson, the Washoe Meadows Community works nonstop through legal, legislative, agency, environmental, academic and even golf course design avenues to save Washoe Meadows – located near South Lake Tahoe – which should be protected by the founding 1984 statute that noted the park’s “unique and irreplaceable landscape.” Golf course construction would require the clearing of some 1,600 trees, excessive groundwater use, and excavation that could threaten the Park’s worldwide-known fens, meadows and wildlife habitats.

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