Is Feinstein’s Focus Really on Science?

Check out the January 26, 2012Marin IJ column by Huey D. Johnson on the subject of wilderness protection at Pt. Reyes. The ongoing conflict over the lease extension has helped focus attention on how “sound science” is used as a political tool, allowing our elected officials to avoid the tough decisions that will protect our natural heritage for generations.

The ‘Marin Voice’ column begins: “The Point Reyes oyster conflict has accomplished at least one result of positive national environmental importance: Related research by the University of California has exposed and could solve a disastrous hurdle for U.S. environmental legislation.

It is the practice of legislators’ corrupt use of science. The formula is to call an environmental project’s scientific work inferior, state that the public needs “good science,” and then do one or more scientific studies to review that which has already been done. Faking a need for a better research effort is nothing but a smoke screen to avert a vote and to provide time to manipulate legislation. The tactic has actually been used in Congress 900 times.”

The University of California Law Review Article described in the column can be found here

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