Mexico City’s Green Plan Honored By Dutch

Congratulations to Mayor Ebrard on receiving the Dutch order of the Orange-Nassau!

Around the year 2000, RRI led several delegations of dozens of Mexican officials to the Netherlands to learn about its Green Plan. Many officials returned to Mexico eager to replicate the environmental gains seen in Holland. Mexico City’s ‘Plan Verde’ is inspired by the Dutch example.

Mexico City Environmental Secretary Martha Delgado joined RRI for a conference several years ago and we have this update from her. “I’m pleased to share with you that Mexico City’s Green Plan has been awarded very much around the world: UN Habitat, World Sustainable Building Council, Livable Cities, City Mayors Foundation, Harvard College and other important instututions have recongnize our achievements in very different fields!!! Today Mayor Ebrard was awarded with the Orange-Nassau condecoration of the Queen of Holland also because the implementation of the Green Plan (among other public policies of Mexico City). So we have some achievements since then that we would love to share!”

You can learn more here:

We’re looking forward to the continued success of the Plan Verde and others like it around the world….

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