Green Plans

Today’s news confirms that the logic of comprehensive management is everywhere, with the nation of Georgia developing a Green Plan, the ‘Plan Verde’ of Mexico City establishing a model for the whole of Latin America , and New York City’s PlaNYC, which displays the power of mega cities to approach sustainable planning from the building to the block and beyond. And in the words of a former deputy defense secretary as broadcast on NPR’s Morning Edition:

“We used to look at issues in stovepipes: national security, economic, human rights,” says Rudy deLeon, a former deputy defense secretary now at the Center for American Progress, a think tank. “What we now know is that all of these issues are interconnected, and you really can’t solve one type of problem in any one location or with any one country.”

As Huey Johnson always says, ‘you can only solve all of the problems.’ Stay tuned for more about how Green Plans can incorporate existing laws such as A. B. 32, or rewrite many complex laws into few, as was the case with New Zealand’s RMA.

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