Last Call for 2010 River Warrior Award Nominations

Have you written letters in support of rivers and fish for years, but never thought of yourself as an advocate? Volunteered to study fish or rebuild fish passages on the weekends over decades? Do you run an organization doing great work to benefit streams and wetlands but can’t seem to get the local papers to take note? Have you created elementary or high school curricula that focuses on aquatic environments and citizen science? Did you defend free-flowing rivers and fish from within government agencies in ways that went unrecognized?

River Warrior awards are distributed annually in recognition of the valiant, resolute efforts in defending free flowing rivers and the wildlife that depend on them; and in acknowledgement of the commitment, hard work, and dedication of all who work for free flowing water. All recipients receive $1,000, with no strings attached.

Keep up the good work!

River Warrior Awards made possible by the Antonioli family.

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